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I have purchased Michelin tubeless (165/65-R13) tyres and as the rims were rusted I had to use the tubes also. What is the tyre pressure that has to be used in this tyre?Ravi Amrithalingam via emailThe tyre pressure in tubeless and tube-type tyres is the same. Assuming your car is a Honda City, the ideal air pressure would be 30 (front) and 28 (rear). For better comfort you can keep 26 all round. Increase the pressure by 2-5 psi when the vehicle is fully loaded or when going on a high-speed long distance drive.I own a Kinetic GF125, which vibrates a lot. How can I get rid of this problem? The vibration is felt when I'm on the move, say at about 4,000 rpm and above. The vibration is sometimes extreme, or just a little bit. Please advise.Saujat, via emailCheck fairing fittings to look for cracks or any contact with frame/other parts. Check all fairing screws for loose fitting. Check the bike's nuts, bolts and screws in general for loose fitting. Check the wheel rims to be running true. Also check for cracks or loose fitting of the handlebar mounts or footrest mounts. Check wheel bearings for failure. Check if the front forks are damping well. Check the chain to see if it is stretched too tight. Check engine foundation bolts to see if they are tight. To locate the vibration points, you could try putting your hand on the suspect parts while on the move where the vibration is occurring.I have a 2000 model Hero Honda Street Smart (electric start). I always ride at 40-50 kph and the first start of the day is kick-started. I have observed that the silencer gets extremely hot even after a short journey of 5-7 km. Please advise.Prakash, via emailThe exhaust system on any two-wheeler does get hot. Compare with a similar bike and determine whether there is really an overheating problem with yours. If there is, then get the system opened to find out if there is any clogging or obstruction to the system and get it cleaned out. This is assuming that the engine is in the correct state of tune and the settings to the valves, etc are all within company specifications. This condition can also occur if the carburettor is adjusted to a lean air-fuel mixture to get best mileage, in which case the engine will run hotter.I own a Santro, which appears to have a knocking problem. On the application of 60 per cent throttle, the engine knocks only between 3,000-4,000 rpm and then disappears. It happens only in second and third gear. My mechanic says all MPFI cars knock at some rpm or the other and blames this on the quality of fuel. Is this true? Also, after the third service, fuel consumption has dropped to 8.5 from 10-11 kpl.Shyam Rao, via emailChange the outlet where you fill fuel to see if things improve. If this does not work, take the car to a dealer's workshop where they can hook the engine up to a diagnostic computer and find out if there is any fault in the injection.

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