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I have been using a Hero Honda Splendor for six years now, and want to switch over to a gearless two-wheeler. Itshould have a gender-neutral look so that both my wife and I canuse it. Though Honda Activa looks enticing, I want to know whetherthere isany other better vehicle with good pick-up (more than 100cc) and capable of giving a mileage in the range of 45-50 kpl.My travelwill be limited to the city, with occasional visits to places inthe radius ofless than 30 km. I'm ready to spend up to Rs 40,000, ex-showroom.Kari Srimali, via emailThe Honda Activa is a very good choice. Alternatively, you could look at the new Kinetic Nova - this scoot offers you the option of a more powerful 135cc motor, but judging from overall fit, finish and build quality, we'd advise you to stick with the Activa for a better long-term experience. My brother is planning to buy a two-wheeler. He has been using the Honda Activa till date. We are now confused whether to choose the Discover, Shine or TVS. Please help us choose a good vehicle. His height is 5'2 and age is 38. His concerns are fuel efficiency, good looks, sturdy suspension and a good road grip.Balavijaya LakshmananWhile the Discover is by far the most intelligent 125cc choice in the market today, what we suggest, considering your brother's height, is the TVS Apache. It features a relatively lower saddle height, which is a boon for shorter riders, and along with a phenomenal chassis that offers quick steering and good control, the bike comes with an ultra-refined engine that is a pleasure to experience. Invest in a good helmet with the bike too and make him wear it at all times!I'm looking at buying the TVS Apache, but my friends recommend the Yamaha Gladiator. They feel that the Apache hasn't caught on in the market and is a slow-selling product. What's different between the two, and more importantly, which one should I opt for? I weigh only 53kg. I want the best looking and performing bike.Ravi, via emailThe most obvious of several differences is that while one is a 150cc, the other displaces 125cc. You can discard your friend's advice and safely go ahead and pick up the Apache.I have a 125cc Discover, which I am very happy with, except for the chain sprocket. I want to modify my bike because I don't like its sleek looks so I am planning a full size engine cover and change of silencer and back tyres.What do you suggest? Arun Teja, via emailArun, you haven't explained the problem with the chain sprocket! Besides, you don't seem to be very sure about what you want to do in the name of modifying your Discover 125. And unless you have a very firm idea of the jobs involved, their reliability and safety, we suggest you do not attempt to make changes on your bike as the outcome could prove disastrous - a full engine shroud, for instance, could cause overheating and failure of the engine - remember, the Discover is an air-cooled machine.




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