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The owner's manual of our new Tata Indigo LX TDI recommends that one should 'idle' the engine for 30 seconds before moving the vehicle and 20 seconds after coming to a halt to keep the turbocharger in good shape. There is also a sticker on the dashboard that suggests one minute each time. Is this really required? Monish, via emailTata Motors tells us it is very important you idle the engine - both one minute prior to driving off and one minute before you switch off. This is irrespective of how long the vehicle has been parked before you start driving. This practice lubricates the turbocharger (which spins at extremely high speeds) and not doing so could cause damage. Also, leaving the engine idle for a bit has other benefits like lowering the engine temperature more quickly and keeping the battery fully charged. I am from Coimbatore and want to install a music system in my new Swift. Can you suggest some good brands for the head unit, component speakers and sub-woofers between Rs 30-40,000? My only criterion is that I want good `bass' effect. I was told that the head units and speakers should be selected based on matching power ratings (RMS value). What is the thumb rule to match power ratings? Also can you tell me where to purchase my system? Arun, via emailRefrain from mixing and matching and stick to one brand to get good sound.Get a head unit-amp-speaker-subwoofer combo to get the best bass. Simple head unit-speaker systems will never give you the same bass as a separate system will. As for matching power, please look at the ohm rating of your head unit or amplifier. A high powered speaker - say one with a peak power of 400 watts, driven by a low powered amp, and one with wattage of 200 - will sound flat and lifeless. Ensure this compatibility and you'll get the best sound. While making a purchase insist on a bill. We don't have specific addresses but are sure Coimbatore will have genuine Pioneer, Blaupunkt or Sony dealers.What's a good secondhand diesel car to go in for between the Ikon 1.8D and the Esteem diesel? I know neither is in production, but that means I could get one within my budget of Rs 4 lakh.M M Subbarayaan, via emailThe Ikon's 1.8-litre diesel engine is not peppy and is expensive to maintain. The Esteem diesel's interiors are too cramped, though the engine is more fuel efficient and reliable than the Ikon. Prices for the Esteem are between Rs 3-4 lakh for a two year-old model. Try the Tata Indigo Marina, which has plenty of space for your family and low running costs. However, the Marina is not entirely trouble-free, but is still the most practical option for your requirements. There aren't too many second-hand Marinas on the market at the moment, so prices will probably be on the higher side and may exceed your budget.