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I want to purchase a four wheeler (Diesel) with maximum mileage, fuel efficiency and comfort. Daily, I travel about 40kms in the city. So I need a vehicle giving more mileage. People have suggested the Ford Fiesta (Diesel), Hyundai Accent CRDI and Toyota Innova. Please suggest me which one is better. I do not mind going for a petrol car.G B Narayana, via email If you have a big family or travel with a lot of people, the Innova is the natural choice. Otherwise, the Ford Fiesta diesel is for you. The new Accent is on its way to India, so it's best to leave the car alone. The Fiesta diesel has good fuel efficiency and decent comfort, plus it has that fun to drive factor to it. I am planning a small car, mainly for work or errands. I decided on the Zen but heard Maruti is now concentrating on promoting the Swift. My options are the Zen, Alto, Wagon-R or Santro. Manoeuvrability and service are more important than price.Dr Saraswathy, via emailThe Zen is on its way out of production. That said, the Santro seems like a perfect car for you. It's easy to drive and the engine's peppy performance will keep you smiling. What's more, Hyundai's service network is second only to Maruti. It is reliable and a more modern option the Marutis you mentioned here. I am planning to buy a new car. The fact is I am confused about which one to buy. My options are Chevrolet Aveo1.4, Accent GLS and Ford Fiesta. I am looking for a car that is low on maintenance and is fuel efficient. Lindsay Antony, via emailYou can go for the Fiesta 1.4. It is more efficient, rides and drives better than the Aveo. The only downside to the Fiesta is its conventional looks and the fact that is slightly small on space. I am pretty confused about what kind of petrol should be used. it really good to use these different kinds of fuel for bikes? What are their advantages and how will they increase the bike's mileage and performance?Veeraraghavan NKYou could save money by avoiding the different brands and higher-octane fuels. Indian bikes are designed to run on normal fuel as found at any petrol pump in theS country.