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My 1997 Suzuki Max 100 gives me 60 kpl. A friend said that if the engine is strained to give such mileage, it increases engine noise. I added more 2T oil in the petrol tank, which reduced the noise to a certain extent. What can be done to reduce this engine noise? I have changed the piston and rings, but a ticking noise persists. Wayne Pereira, via emailEngine sounds can only be adequately diagnosed if they can actually be heard. If what you hear is a light tapping or clicking sound, it could be the small end bearing and gudgeon pin that need to be checked. If the sound is a deeper thud and occurs during load, then the big end bearing is suspect. We rule out the piston and rings because you mention that they have been changed recently, but ensure that a good job was done. It happens that there could be a problem even now with the piston.