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I do an average of 80 km per day in my Santro Xing, which I purchased in 2005. The car gives me an average of 13.5 kpl with the air conditioning running and my chauffeur drives the car. I am planning to get a diesel car. I have short-listed the Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Verna. I would like to know which car will give me the least maintenance cost and the best mileage. Also, what is your opinion of the Skoda Fabia diesel?Gautam RaoConsidering the fact that you're largely chauffeur driven and that you average 2,500 km a month, a diesel car is aworthwhile option. Both the Verna and the Fiesta are contemporary cars. The Verna scores highly on ride comfort and has better space in the rear vis-à-vis the Fiesta, although it does not have creature comforts like climate control, or a stereo - the latter, of course, can be fitted later. The Fiesta boasts of an extremely refined and fuel-efficient engine but it loses out to the Verna in-cabin space. As an overall package, we think the Verna would be most appropriate for your requirements. Initial impressions of the Fabia diesel are good but it will be a while before we see it in the Indian market.I am a regular reader of Wheels. The information you provide in Virtual Mechanic is very useful. I am planning to buy a car in the price range of 5 lakh. I am confused about whether I should pick the Tata Indigo or the Maruti Esteem. I want know which of the two has better fuel efficiency, maintenance, comfort and power. When is the Logan scheduled to come and what will it cost?SathyaBoth the Indigo and the Esteem make logical entry-saloons to upgrade from a hatchback. The Indigo scores better on space and comfort but if you prefer to drive yourself, then the Esteem is a better proposition. It is however a touch cramped and difficult to get in and out of easily. The petrol Indigo is not as fuel efficient as the Esteem but the diesel Indigo does play the value card on running costs. At the end of the day, you can narrow your choices by simply deciding what is more appealing to you. If you are a keen driver and drive yourself, go for the Esteem. If you have a chauffer and a family and if you travel substantially (80 to 100kms daily), then go for the Indigo diesel. Maintenance on both cars isn't too high. Remember, preventive maintenance is the key to a happy and reliable ownership experience.write to us at




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