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Car and bike questions? We have the answers

I currently drive a Toyota Corolla. I now want to buy an SUV priced within Rs. 25 lakh. What, in your opinion, is the SUV I should go in for?

B. N. Mohapatra

As you drive a Toyota and are familiar with the brand, we suggest you go in for the Fortuner that falls within your budget. Though the Fortuner is a bit bumpy on bad roads and the third row seats aren't very comfortable, it is a solid, trouble-free vehicle that can take you anywhere. The sturdy mechanicals are topped off with an aggressive-looking exterior and tremendous road presence.

Is it advisable to upsize my Ford Endeavour's tyres from 245/65-R16 to 275/65-R16?


The overall diameter of the 245/65-R16 tyre is 725mm while that of the 275/65-R16 is 764mm, which is too large and might foul with the suspension of the body parts of your Endeavour. You can upsize to 255/65-R16s, though subject to body clearance.

I will be buying a 150cc bike soon and am looking for a motorcycle that is fuel efficient, powerful and stylish. Which one do you recommend?


Depending on how much you are prepared to spend on your new 150cc bike, we suggest you test ride and choose between the Yamaha SZ-R and Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler.

I own a Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme that is in excellent condition. I recently installed a K&N air filter on my bike and am really happy with the throaty exhaust note and improved acceleration. However, I feel the bike's top end has taken a hit as it does not speed beyond 80kph; earlier 110kph was easily achievable. Also, my bike starts sputtering after 7000-8000rpm. How do I get rid of the problem?

Parth Desai

The bike's carburettor needs to be re-tuned by an expert to match your new air-filter, following which your problems may get sorted out.

Would I be able to replace the rear tyre of my Hero Honda Hunk with a thicker MRF tyre without inviting any functionality problems? What are your views on the new Hunk?


No, we suggest you refrain from switching to a fatter tyre on your bike, as this can cause more problems. You could however switch to an MRF brand tyre for your bike in the same size, if this was not the brand you got with the bike. The new Hunk is a close variant of the original, adding on the extra safety of a rear disc apart from a few other additional features.




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