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Car and bike questions? We have the answers

I am on the lookout for a diesel car and have short-listed the Mercedes C-Class diesel, the Audi A4 diesel and the BMW 3 Series diesel. Which one should I go for?

Sunil Kumar

Well, you haven’t really specified what your requirements are. What we can tell you is that the C-Class is the one to go for if you want comfort, but it doesn’t have much equipment. The 3 Series is for people who love driving. It also has plenty of features and the quality is top-notch. The A4 is somewhere in between, featuring qualities of both the C-Class and the 3 Series. It has a good equipment list, comes at a decent price and is better to drive than the C-Class, but not as good as the BMW.

I want to buy a small car for around Rs 3 lakh. I’ve short-listed the Maruti Alto (Rs. 2,90,000) and the Chevrolet Spark (Rs. 3,02,000 ). My priorities are good resale value, mileage, interiors, ride and handlin g and also a good air-conditioner. Which one would you recommend?

Dhananjay R Mandhare

The Spark is the better of the two. It has good interiors, more space and is more comfortable than the Alto. It may not have the resale value of the Alto and may be slightly less fuel-efficient, but as a package it makes for a better choice.

I am planning to buy a luxury SUV within the range of Rs. 18 lakh - Rs. 25 lakh. My daily running will be around 40-50km, with occasional outstation trips. The car should be luxurious, powerful and offer driving pleasure. I am looking at the Chevrolet Captiva, Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail, Mitsubishi Outlander and Volkswagen Tiguan. When will the Tiguan be launched and what will be the pricing. I want the car by the end of the year. Is there any other SUV that will be launched soon? I have heard that Nissan is bringing Infiniti to India.

Abhishek Bansal

The Captiva is the best bet out of the short-listed vehicles. It has a diesel engine, which none of the others have. It is coming soon with an automatic gearbox option as well. It is spacious and comfortable and seats seven. The Volkswagen Tiguan won’t be here any time soon, and neither will the Infiniti brand.

I have a 1999 model Daewoo Cielo that I’ve decided to convert to LPG. Can you please tell me which LPG kit will suit my car the best?

Rohith Tunga

When converting a car to LPG or CNG, look out for brands such as Lovato, BRC, Bedini and OMVL. Always go for a closed-loop kit, even though it might be more expensive. These kits are superior and hassle-free in everyday operation. Ensure that you get the kit fitted by an RTO-authorised installer. Go to a reputable installer, to ensure the safety and reliability of the kit, even though it might cost more. Since your Cielo is old, be sure to have the electrical system checked, as this could hamper the operation of the gas kit. Also engines operating on LPG or CNG suffer from power loss. The shortfall is more apparent in CNG than in LPG engines.




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