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I am planning to buy an SUV that can perform both as an off-roader and as a highway cruiser. I have short-listed the Ford Endeavour Thunder+ and Tata Safari 2.2 VTT VX 4WD. Please suggest which is better.

Ratul Basu

The Endeavour is better than the Safari both as an off-roader and a highway cruiser. The only disadvantage it has over the Safari is the price (the Safari is much cheaper) and comfort (the Safari’s seats are much more comfortable)

I want to buy an SUV and my budget is Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh, and it can be stretched a little. My usage is 700-800 km a month on smooth roads. I am really fascinated by the Tata Safari because of its looks, but I’m not sure if it is value for money. Please suggest what I should opt for — the Safari, Scorpio or any other vehicle. I also would like to know about the mileage of these vehicles.

Vishal Gureja

If you like the Safari, then go for it. But, you will have to stretch your budget by a few lakhs. The new DICOR engine is pretty good and when it comes to comfort, the Safari is the best. It is not the most reliable of SUVs but if you can live with some niggling problems, go ahead and purchase it. The mileage is around 9-10 kpl in the city and 14+ kpl on the highway, depending on your driving style.

Kindly let me know how good the Montero is, compared to the other SUVs in its segment. How soon do you expect the model to be upgraded? My budget is close to Rs. 30 lakh. Also, please specify the merits and demerits of the vehicle.

Ranjeev Sharma

The Montero is a very good vehicle and for the price, there is nothing that comes close. It has got good power, lots of space and handles well. The only negative is a noisy engine.

I am planning to buy an Indica. I like the Xeta very much. Is there a diesel option available on this variant and would it be cheaper to maintain than the petrol one? I would be driving 800 km a month. Will petrol suit me? Can you please tell me which of the variants has the best interiors?

Sayantan Choudhury

Yes, there is a diesel version which comes with the DICOR engine, known for its fuel economy. It would be more expensive to maintain than the petrol one as oil and filter changes are more frequent. However the lower running costs of diesel will make up for this. Do remember, however, that 800 km a month is low mileage and you wont get the full benefit of diesel economy.

I am 6’2” inches tall. I need a car with sufficient leg space. My budget is Rs. 4.5 lakh on-road (Kolkata). Should I opt for the Swift or the i10? Is Maruti’s after-sales service better than Hyundai’s?

Soutrik Dey

Between the two, the Swift certainly has more space. Also, Maruti’s after sales is the best. Go for the Swift. It is a pleasure to drive as well.




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