Gaylord restaurant celebrated Sizzlers Food Festival

Delicious food, sparkling wine and mouth-watering desserts... that's life! That's what Sizzlers Food Festival at Gaylord restaurant attempted to offer. In the middle of the hustle-bustle of Connaught Place and the endless parade of humanity, Gaylord, is one of the resting grounds for a weary shopper and a wandering tourist. A scrumptious meal and a glass of fine wine was the highlight of the festival. Options included Gaylord special tandoori vegetarian platter served with garlic naan and dal makhni that were Indian to the core.The chef skilfully fused different cuisines trying to satisfy all the taste-buds, but all was not up to the mark. Tandoori lamb chops and London mix grill with grilled chicken breast, chicken sausages, lamb chop and bacon served with BBQ sauce was a run of the mill experience. Shitake, babycorn and broccoli with noodles, was an Oriental delight.

Chef's special

Nawabi paneer tukra was chef's special. Cottage cheese roulade and fresh Indian spices were said to be used, but it still tasted bland. In fact, the menu said a lot about the spices used yet the food tasted usual and ordinary. Though the prawn was worth a bite, the chicken sausages and lamb chops could have tasted better with proper use of spices. The chef admitted, "As our guests include tourists and foreign visitors, we keep the food less spicy. But, we could make it spicier according to individual tastes." With desserts being an indispensable part of any food festival, the section `desserts on fire' was a major attraction. Desserts like hot chocolate fudge cake flambéed with cognac and volcano were prepared with a hint of rum that burnt with burst of sudden flames. The chocolate brownie was hot from inside and tart. An average meal for two was priced at around Rs.1800. The most expensive of the dishes was the New Zealand lamb chops for Rs.750.Though the restaurant has a great décor, the festival did not have many memorable moments to offer.