The festival of lights spells joy and fervour across the city. Neeraja Murthy and Sangeetha Devi Dundoo report

Lights, sparkle, mithais and the works. Deepavali is marked by family get-togethers, pujas and revelry. Some prominent personalities give us a peak into their mode of celebrations this year.

S for safety

I would advocate precaution during Deepavali. Some families store all the crackers in a box and in their excitement to burn crackers, children and teenagers throw all safety measures to wind. Care also needs to be taken to keep crackers away from electric points. Having fun is very good but following safety measures is very important.

Aruna Bahuguna

IPS, DG Fire and Emergency Services

Memorable time

This Deepavali is going to be special for us and we are eager to make it a memorable one. Dad having stepped into politics, we do not know if we would have enough time with him in the coming years. So we are going to get him to spend the maximum time with us. Usually, cousins come home and around 50 of us celebrate together. It’s the children who are more interested in bursting fire crackers. As we grew up, we lost interest in crackers and prefer to stay away from the noise and the smoke. Mom does the Lakshmi puja and we have traditional family lunch and dinner.

Ram Charan Teja


Puja & prasad

At the Pittie mansion in Begum Bazaar, Deepavali celebrations last for nearly 10 days. The festival marks the end of the old financial year and ushers in a new one. Since we have the family temple in the premises, we conduct pujas in the morning and at night. For the next 10 days, pujas are conducted with prasads in family temples of all our near and dear ones. On the 15th day, a hawan is conducted at the temple in our house ending the festival. We do not have card parties and no noisy firecrackers. We are environment friendly and just to mark the occasion, light a few sparklers and flower pots. Sweets too are minimal. A porridge preparation made of wheat is specially made for this time. The house is lit up with diyas and new clothes are distributed to the staff. I don’t believe in spring cleaning. I’d rather have the house cleaned on a regular basis.

Vinita Pittie

Fashion Designer

All in the game

Deepavali is an occasion for family get-togethers. Not many live in joint families nowadays and festivals are a great time when everyone come together for a meal or a game of cards. As a child, I used to love fireworks. Now I feel it’s pointless considering the pollution it contributes to. I guess I’ve become more socially aware. But that doesn’t take away the fun. After a family lunch, there’s puja in the evening followed by dinner and a game of cards. You win some and lose some, but it’s all in the game. I love to decorate the house with candles and traditional diyas. I shop for candles when I travel. And Deepavali is one occasion when I get to wear ethnic clothes.

Shilpa Reddy


Team spirit

I will be on a promotional tour of my new film Fashion, so I don’t think I would be able to spend Deepavali with my family. But I am not disappointed as there is nothing more satisfying than celebrating the festival with your team, as I have shared a wonderful time with them. Work is very important in one’s life and on Deepavali, you will be more blessed if you are working. I love to light up the house with diyas and gorge on all the mithais but I am not in favour of pathakas. I feel bursting crackers is a waste of money.

Arjun Bajwa


Dhoom dhadaka!

Deepavali has always been a special festival. And, ever since our son Roshan and daughter Manasvini have been born, the Festival of Lights has become synonymous for dhoom dhadaka. I take two days off from work to spend time with family. We love bursting crackers and eating gulab jamuns and payasam. In our apartment complex, it is celebrated as a group festival where all of us get together, do the Lakshmi puja.


TV host

Fun all the way

I am struck in a dubbing studio as I am currently dubbing for the hero’s voice for Adugu. I have not yet been able do the Deepavali shopping of buying new clothes and crackers. I love the festival as I can be like a kid and enjoy my share of fun. I leave all my tensions and celebrate the festival with gusto.



Having fun is very good but following safety measures is very important.