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Sir, yes sir! For that tough and trendy look
Sir, yes sir! For that tough and trendy look

Olive green, khaki, rugged fabric and military details are the rage in the fashion world

The world of fashion takes its cues from real life. Thanks to the bravery of the armed forces during the siege of Mumbai, designers are now using army themes in their works, and fashion brands are coming out with army-inspired creations.

According to designer Ameetha Mathew: “Army motifs are not very popular in terms of clothes, but trousers in camouflage prints are definitely in. Whatever be the length, there are always takers for this style.”

For some such as mass communication student Anjana Nagendra: “Clothes using a military motif make for a good change. Unlike the regular pinks and blacks, army themes broaden the range of fashion and target a larger audience. And, for people who think fashion has a lot to do with comfort, this is a much-welcome trend.”

Military trousers and belts aside, brands such as Fastrack have come out with the Army Collection, wrist wear and eye wear inspired by army equipment and apparel. The staff are “happy with the sale of this new collection. The youth are satisfied with goods that are stylish and unique”. The cases of the Army Collection watches come in atypical shapes motivated by armoury such as the sniper and the grenade. They have a sort of gun metal finish. The sunglasses from this range have polarised lenses in different tones of army green.

“I prefer the army attire when I go trekking or biking with my friends. This is what you call adventure-prompted fashion,” asserts Sean Pinto, a college student.

His friend, Anush Seth, says: “The army clothes have a lot to do with being adventurous and audacious. It makes you look bold in fairly-inexpensive clothing.”

Who can carry off this garb? “Just about anyone,” believes Ameetha. “If you care to look smart, wear the right attitude and are confident, you have it in you to carry off this style.”

“Army attire gives a rugged and upmarket look,” says Dhillan S., an apparel store owner. “Today’s youth look for designs that haven’t been worn before. The boys want to look more macho. To a large extent fashion wear in terms of trousers, boots and bags with an army cut and colour is an answer to this.”





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