TV “Shaitaan – a Criminal Mind” focuses on women criminals

Miditech’s popular real life crime series Shaitaan - a Criminal Mind, currently on-air on Colors, is telecasting its special series on ‘Women Criminals’ on June 2nd and 8th.

Hosted by popular TV actor Sharad Khelkar, the series will focus on the not so often seen or heard, cold, calculative women criminal masterminds.

Nikhil Alva, CEO Miditech said, “This weekend and the next we are coming up with two shocking real life instances that involve the frightening criminal attempts by women. To help create some much needed awareness amongst its viewers we will be telecasting it in our upcoming special episodes this weekend.”

The story that will be showcased this weekend portrays the journey of a girl, who faced physical abuse from her uncle and it had such a psychological impact on her that she ended up having complete distrust and hatred towards men.