How outlook matters

Of late there has been a paradigm shift in the way we think, we talk, we philosophise, and even live. Whether it's a sms, an email, a Facebook post or discussions, it is like we are back to basics and to relationships.

Among all the ‘gyan,' we often come across lines such as ‘life is how your attitude is,' ‘change your attitude and change your life,' ‘it is attitude that matters,' so on and so forth.

But, have we ever stopped to find out or understand what this ‘attitude' is all about? We just have a vague idea or notion but we don't really understand it fully. Most of us believe that attitude is for others.

We may have skills, professions, business empires, wealth, achievements and success but it is impossible for us to enjoy it completely unless and until we transform ourselves into strong and complete individuals. We transform when we experience the ultimate state of being. For us to celebrate and cherish life, to value ourselves, value people and our relationships, to live life to its fullest should be our main purpose. How do we achieve this? It is simple. We need a change in our attitude.

Embracing change

Again it's the age-old ‘what came first' story, the chicken or the egg? Is it perception that determines attitude or is it attitude that decides perception?

No doubt, they are interconnected and interdependent. Two sides of the same coin. It ultimately influences the course of our life and how we live it. So for the time being, let us perceive that only a change in our attitude is what we need to bring on a positive change in life. Before we do that let us find out more about this so called mysterious phenomenon – attitude.

Different nuances

During our various interactions, the term ‘attitude' is used in many connotations and contexts like ‘He has a major attitude!' (could mean arrogance or indifference), ‘You should have the right attitude!' (towards someone or something), ‘I don't like your attitude!' (behaviour), ‘Her attitude towards money is really strange!' (feeling), ‘Your happiness depends on your attitude!' (reaction) and ‘Mental attitude!' (state of mind).

Usually however, attitude refers to ‘a favourable or unfavourable evaluation of something.' Evaluation could be positive or negative view or views, while that ‘something' is the ‘attitude object'which could be a person, place, thing, or event. So, attitude is a person's feeling or reaction to an ‘attitude object' at any given point of time.

What we have to understand here is that a person, place, thing or an event is external and thus secondary. What we need to know and accept first and foremost is this – it is our attitude, which is most crucial and what is required now.

We need to have and maintain a balanced and right attitude within us and the rest will follow.

( The writer is a transformation expert and can be contacted on babita@