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Wellness A new product and treatment that tries to stop premature aging

Iron out the stressFor a new you
Iron out the stressFor a new you

The growth of an entire industry around what might simply be seen as the body’s largest organ might seem bewildering. But surely everyone could do with a dose of calmness (however manufactured it might be by the spa environment). And that’s what you’ll get if you seek out the new treatment launched by the Clarins Skin Spa. Using a new product called the Double Serum, it involves a lengthy massage of the face and hands.

Before the facial begins, there is a ‘consultation’: the in-house masseuse examines your skin to evaluate skin type. This, of course, means that while the consultant is looking intently at your skin, you are made acutely conscious of the many blemishes borne by the everyday person’s skin. Thankfully, the self-consciousness stops when the “treatment” begins (despite our many assurances that our skin did not need “repair”).

The facial is customised to the customer’s skin type, and involves an exfoliation element and a mask, that stings ever-so-slightly. While you wait for the mask to set, the staff, to not waste time, trains their attention to hands and feet, with a light massage.

The anti-aging treatment is aimed at anyone who is in their mid-to-late twenties; the “aging process” begins then, according to the store’s staff. But what might be wrong with aging? I am told that modern life involves “unnatural” aging, brought on by unhealthy lifestyles. There are five distinct processes said to be speeded up by the serum and treatment: hydration, for softness; how the skin absorbs nutrition (this affects “suppleness and tone”); oxygenation (for “radiance”); protection (to prevent premature aging), and regeneration, to preserve the skin’s firmness.

The Double Serum is exactly what it sounds like: to fix your skin two times over, there are two distinct liquids that emerge when you squeeze the bottle. One of these is water-based (“hydric”); the other is oil-based (“lipidic”). The dual nature is said to sidestep the incompatibility of some ingredients being only water-dissoluble and some only oil-dissoluble. It is said to have plant extracts like kiwi extract and macadamia oil.

We’ll readily concede that after the treatment, our skin was left shiny-pink as they claimed, if only for a day or two.

The Double Serum costs Rs 4500 for 30ml. Clarins is at Sophie’s Choice, St. Mark’s Road, Opposite Bishop Cotton’s Girls’ High School, Lower Ground Floor. Call 65711296.





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