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FOR LASTING LOVE Let her know you care for her
FOR LASTING LOVE Let her know you care for her

It's important to balance your work and your date

We all dream of accomplishment, talk big about ambition, promise security and wish to handle our relationship well. But, suddenly, we realise those chances have slipped away. So confused and proven wrong, we lose most of what we've strived to keep, including our hearts, and sometimes even our sanity. Of course, there are always exceptions. So, to all those blessed with family treasuries or the ones who were smart enough to carve a road of luxury through hard work and training, this is not for you. Because you're a minority in one of the largest countries in the world. This is for the man who has the potential but doesn't know how to use it. So, if you're starting off in life, have big plans and are in a relationship, this is for you. Everyone knows that holding down a job these days is hard. And getting comfortable and excelling in one has become nearly impossible. But if you're 25, starting off on a seemingly promising career and trying to maintain a serious relationship, then, my friend, prepare for war. Because work demands complete concentration and your relationship, well, demands your complete involvement. So, how could you balance both? Well, let's start off with work. Many young men of our fair city have proved themselves to be the smartest of intellects and the sloppiest of dressers. Even though this seems like an irrelevant thing to say, all I ask is you hear me out. Dressing better gets you noticed and in work these days the more you're noticed the better it is for your future. Plus dressing better makes you save time for that date in the evening and that sudden lunch that you should take your boss to. Saving money is another must because women want security. It is the biggest thing they look for in a serious relationship. So save and do the lady a favour by becoming her knight in well-dressed attire. And, finally, missing out on moments in a relationship on account of work is not always acceptable. She'll understand, but sometimes, she'll expect you to be there. So send her flowers and sweet notes often. It shows her that even though you're at office she's on your mind almost always. But don't make it a habit. Plus it doesn't cost much. So, go on, sir, it's time to turn on the charisma. Send in your queries to




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