A music performance by Ensemble Maurice on January 23

Enjoy a musical evening with Ensemble Maurice, a French music group comprising French artistes Pascale Labbé and Jean Morières. The duo, according to a press release, will present a musical performance that borders on jazz and ethnic music, creating haunting songs that carry listeners to far away places where redundant music is improvised.

Pascale’s sensual singing, which integrates whispers, fragments of words, poems and imaginary languages, accompanies the music of Jean’s flute-like instrument, the ‘Zavrila’. Their music is inspired by mélodie française, a musical style that flourished at the turn of the twentieth century. Ensemble Maurice brings a contemporary look to this music, which went through major artistic changes in this period. Their performance is on January 23 at Alliance Francaise de Trivandrum at 6 p.m.