Tune in to tunics

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In tune The garment looks chick and cool
In tune The garment looks chick and cool

Comfort factor and the touch of elegance has made tunic a hot favourite of fashionistas

Breezy tunics are the latest rage on the fashion scene, as they come in all sizes and patterns to suit every age and attitude.

This summer witnessed tunics being embraced as hot favourites what with their pleasant shades, floral prints and colourful motifs. “It was a refreshing experience to switch to tunics from jeans, which had been my companion all these years. I was a tomboy but when I went to college, I realized the significance of being feminine. Since salwar suits were not meant for me, I discovered the next best thing in tunics,” says Yuvana, a collegian.

A tunic can be with or without sleeves, and of various lengths reaching from the hips to the ankles. The name derives from the Latin tunica commonly worn by men and women in ancient Rome. The Roman tunica was worn by citizens and non-citizens alike; citizens, though, would wear it under the toga, especially at formal occasions. The length of the garment, the presence or lack of stripes, as well as their width and ornamentation, would indicate the wearer’s status in Roman society.

“Caesar in his toga like tunics, tied with a sash and a wreath on his head, looked very regal and as much a man as anybody could but then in the latter centuries the shirts and trousers took over,” points out Kamakshi, a professor of history in a girl’s college.

“For those on the heavier side, a single dark coloured tunic, either plain or with pin stripes or small plaid will make them look slimmer. If it is sleeveless, still better,” suggests Meeta, who runs a boutique from home.

“Fashion fundas change with the seasons and the recently held Lakme and Wills fashion week was a showcase for the fall winter collections of tunics too. I loved the one worn with a sari and I plan to wear a similar one for my cousin’s wedding next month,” exclaims Sirisha, a student pursuing humanities. “Though my slim and petite figure can carry off all kinds of tunics, I prefer cottons in summer. I like the huge flowery and geometrical printed tunics with broad belts in summer,” says Gauri, a bubbly teenager.

The malls in the city have a large variety of tunics grabbing the attention of girls and young ladies floored by their sheer utility and comfort factor. Button down tunics, to zip up backs, or just a straight smooth sheath is currently in vogue. A myriad neck patterns are available and so are different lengths and patterns of sleeves.

Embroidered, beaded and sequined patterns for formal wear are up for grabs in almost all the newly set up malls. Those with a zero size [23’ waist] a la Kareena Kapoor can go for figure hugging jersey sheaths, clinched at the waist with a belt. While in summer, they can be worn with or without stockings, winters would necessitate warm leggings to team them up with and high boots. Buy them at a mall or at a flea market, get them custom made from your nukkad wala tailor because tunics have been around in the past and it looks like people will continue to tune in to tunics for a long time.





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