Okaya has launched Okaya Red Tubular batteries in the digiverter series with extra large containers, containing 30 per cent more electrolyte as compared to ordinary batteries. These batteries come with an 18-month warranty. They are available in two models – SL-518 (Rs. 8,900) with 135 AH capacity and SL-618 (Rs. 9,490) with 150 AH capacity.

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Slim TV

Samsung has launched Ultra Slim (21A730, 29A730, 21A530) and Flat TV models (21A 330, 29A330). The Ultra SlimFit brand graphic equalisers, turbo sound, game mode, sound input ranging from 250 watts and 350 watts and DVD input. The 21A530, 21A730 and 29A730 are priced at Rs. 8,900, Rs. 11,000 and Rs. 19,500 respectively. The flat TVs are priced at Rs. 9,500 and Rs. 16,000 for 21A330 and 29A330 models.

Floor cleaner

Topp mop, the newly launched floor cleaner from CavinKare leaves a floral fragrance. Topp Mopp formulation is devoid of acid rendering it absolutely safe on hands. Available in all major outlets it is priced at Rs. 20 for 75 ml and Rs. 50 for 250 ml.

Crunchy cookies

Sunfeast, from ITC Foods has launched Crunchy Coconut cookies. Available in 72gm packs (Rs. 5) as well as 165gm packs (Rs. 10), the product is available at stores across India.

Aquatic fragrance

Inzio Aqua, a fresh, dynamic and sparkling fragrance is for the confident man. The top notes are blended with French rosemary, clary sage and tonka beans with musky end notes which reveal the warmth of amber and vanilla. Priced at Rs. 1,800 it is available at select stores across the country.

For your sole

The classic shoe couture from Park Avenue, titled ‘Black Line’, is a collection of premium leather shoes crafted from superior quality European leather and Argentine soles with impeccable finish and detailing. The collection is available at Park Avenue stores across key metros. Priced at Rs. 5,500.