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POTENTIAL Akshai Sarin wants to uplift the Indian electro music scene
POTENTIAL Akshai Sarin wants to uplift the Indian electro music scene

Akshai Sarin wears many hats: he is composer, producer and performer

Akshai Sarin is a jack of all trades. Not only is he known by the name of DJ AX/AI, a charismatic turntablist, he has also earned a reputation for being a good composer, a great producer but above all a super performer.

Akshai, who has been making music since the age of eight, released his first independent studio album at the age of 16 (Soundscapes) and by the time he was nineteen he was under contract with a major label who helped him churn out his second studio album. He proved to be a quick learner of his art and realised that an independent album always receives more coverage than one by a major label. “My first album sold much more than my second one. Major labels do not push the music and talent is their last concern. Their only interest is monetary.” conveys this DJ of 24. This realization made Akshai start Re-Birth an artist representation agency whose only goal is to get the content maker and his vision across to the consumers. At Re-Birth it’s all about finding the right market for the artist, confirms Akshai.

Right from the time he started out, Akshai has explored the technical side of music which has helped him become a DJ. “I have loved music and it has been techno for me all along. It’s as if technology, music and me go hand in hand,” affirms the DJ.

This tech geek is currently working on his third studio album but first under his independent label AXYZ music which has previously handled jazz maestro Surindher Sandgu’s Saurang Orchestra.

Re-Birth, which is currently a sister concern of AXYZ music, is also renowned for its work with the Kitty Girls and Chris Mcguiness.

The album is titled “Connected” and is a crossover between electronic and acoustic. Recordings for “Connected” has taken Akshai to three different countries and he believes that it will be one of the biggest electronic albums till date.

Making a reappearance for this album is the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, with whom Akshai has previously worked during his first project under Re-Birth and also a futuristic group from England called Client. The album will explore different genres of electro, downtempo and techno.

Apart from concentrating on his album DJ AX/AI is also looking to build an electro circuit in India with the three cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

“The club crowd in India is really mature. They are always game for new sounds. It’s not like you always have to feed them the popular numbers,” says Akshai, who tried his hands at mixing popular numbers only after his parent’s inspired him to do so. “I was literally jobless when I got the offer of remixing ‘Suraj Hua Madham’ from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.” Akshai whose present endeavours has brought him back to the country where he was born, is presently residing in Bangalore, his birthplace and has already started recording with members of local bands like the Galeej Gurus and Raghu Dixit Project. “My interest in tapping new artistes and my love for classical music made me select these bands,” says this multi-talented individual. He believes that the world’s attention is currently on India and wants to take full advantage of this by uplifting the Indian electro music scene, be it by getting artists like Yahel and Sasha to play here or by making the world aware of India’s music potential through it’s own artistes. If the artistes of the electronic music scene world over needs somebody they can reach out to , it has to be none other than DJ Akshai Sarin.





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