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Fashion statement Stone-studded bracelets are popular
Fashion statement Stone-studded bracelets are popular

The anklet and bracelet are back with a bang

Remember what a fuss your grandmother would make if you didn’t wear that traditional pair of jingling silver anklets to a family wedding? There was a time when those pretty trinkets were forgotten and their sound was considered “annoying.” Now, anklets are back in all varieties and patterns, and not surprising, it is the young, unconventional lass who can be seen adorning her ankles with them.

Dainty and feminine

“They’re so dainty and feminine which is why they are so popular,” says Mital Gandhi, a college student. According to Nidhi, a business management student: “The best way to flaunt one’s shapely legs, is by wearing a pair of delicate anklets.” One needn’t visit an exclusive silver jewellery store to buy anklets. Priced anywhere from Rs. 20 to Rs. 400 a pair, anklets are now one of the hottest selling accessories.

“They’re chic and have nothing to do with culture or tradition. I wear them because they’re stylish,” says Prateeksha Bhaskar, an event manager.

Most shopkeepers say silver anklets are a popular buy. The latest trend among youngsters is to possess a pair of beaded anklets. The beads used are most often made of wood or plastic. The colourful anklets appeal to almost everyone.

Some time ago, it would have been odd to find a girl in a skirt or a pair of capris wearing anklets. The stereotypical notion was that anklets are worn only with a sari or a salwar kameez. However, with fashion undergoing changes, one no longer stares at a woman wearing a skirt, coupled with anklets.

The bracelet too has become a hit with many women. “They are fashionable when compared to glass bangles,” comments Natasha Narendra, a lecturer. One, however cannot say that bracelets have replaced bangles. Anjali Mathew, a 16-year-old, says that age determines the kind of jewellery one wears. According to Prachi Pradhan, a jewellery designing student: “Silver and pearl bracelets will never go out of fashion.” Of late, stone-studded bracelets are moving fast as many women are keen on wearing a bracelet with their birthstone.

Junk jewellery is a perpetual favourite among youngsters. “I like bling,” says Soumya Agarwal. The chunky, not-so-expensive bracelets have many takers.





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