Travelling alone?

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Sometimes holidaying or travelling alone can seem like the best way to destress or discover yourself. Here are a few tips to help you travel safe

A few unfortunate incidents involving women travelling alone or in a group have led people to talk about how to be safe in your own city. Here are a few tips on how to be safe when you travel.

Research and know your risks

The more you know about your destination, the safer and happier your travels will be. Your research should include safety, health conditions, political and economic environment, local laws and so on. By doing so, you will be aware of people’s attitude towards travellers.

Understand the norms and dress like the locals

Read up before you go, so that you can carry appropriate clothing with you. Once you’re there, observe local women for their dressing and how they interact with others.

Keep in touch

Leave a tentative plan with your family or friends before leaving. It’s also a great idea to let them know when you will contact them, so that if you don’t, they know they need to reach out. If you make sudden changes in plan, drop them an email. These days tagging places and people on Facebook are also a good way to inform people.

Stay sober

If it doesn’t look or seem right don’t walk around late at night and ride in empty compartments on trains. Never compromise safety to save money on a hotel or transportation. Always exude confidence and walk purposefully. But most importantly, don’t drink with unknown people.

Beware of other women

It may sound incorrect, as we tend to feel safer with other women around. However, there have been cases where women have gotten other women into trouble. Be cautious.

So, follow the tips, and set your compass to unknown destinations. Enjoy the challenges and extraordinary experiences that solo travelling brings your way.




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