PEOPLE Whoever said travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, sure hit the nail on the head. Whether in terms of experiencing a new place, revisiting memories of yore or simply meeting other travellers, some quirky, others not, on almost every vacation you take and journey you embark on, you’re sure to come across these five kinds of travellers. (For paucity of space, we’ve left out the sub categories and classes!)

The Super Organised Traveller

This type of traveller plans his holiday sometimes a whole year in advance and books his flight tickets really early to get them at the lowest price. He plans what exactly he will see, do and even wear on each day. He carries clothes and shoes that are appropriate for every activity he plans to participate in. He doesn’t forget to carry even the smallest article that he could ‘possibly’ need on vacation.

“I seem to have an OCD when it comes to vacation. I constantly make and remake checklists. I counter check checklists before, during and after a vacation if all my belongings are intact. I ensure I have numbers, area codes, etc, of every place and person I would need to visit/ be in touch with while I’m on holiday. I get really hassled if things are not in order,” admits Ananya Jaidka, a homemaker.

The Adventure Traveller

The Adventure Traveller takes trips for only one reason — to participate in a physical activity and/or to explore new experiences. He travels to thrilling, remote, and sometimes even risky locations. He is a usually joy seeker, participator of extreme adventure sports, or someone just looking to get away from the mundane.

“From bungee jumping in Australia and cliff diving in Hawaii to ice climbing in Norway and white water rafting in Canada, I’ve done it all,” says Shariq Ahmed, a businessman, adding: “My work takes me to these countries and being the fitness freak and adventure sport lover I am, I cannot resist taking part in such activities. I love the adrenaline rush these extreme sports give me.”

The Lazy Traveller

Tourists are largely classified as being leisure or business travellers. Many a leisure traveller believes vacations are for lazing around. This type of a traveller is more than satisfied sitting on the deck of his hotel room, watching the sun rise and set, sleeping in for as long as he can, making proper use of room service and occasionally lounging by the pool.

Nishitha Thomas, a student pursuing her C.A. says: “I’m quite the sloth on vacation but that’s only because I go on a holiday once a year. Attending college and doing an articleship are really taxing. For the past two years, my holiday has only been confined to staying on the resort or hotel we’ve checked into. This is perhaps why I always choose quiet, serene places that are not known for commercial and adventure activities so I can just stay in and rest.”

The Do-it-All Traveller

This kind of tourist does his homework to the T! His itinerary is prepared well in advance. He looks up every place to visit from parks and restaurants to museums, beaches and even garden sales! He also ensures he makes full use of his vacation (in most cases, paid leave) and is ready to experiment with just about anything the holiday spot he’s chosen has to offer. Even if it means he needs to learn to swim after 40 years of not knowing how just so he can go Scuba Diving in the Andamans, he makes sure he does it. There really isn’t anything he leaves out seeing, doing or eating on his holiday. Sure enough, he returns to write a travelogue!

Manish Gupta, a marketing executive says: “It’s not everyday that one gets to visit new and exotic places and travelling is about exploring every minute detail of a new land. I’m not the kind of traveller who can chill at the hotel pool all day or spend all my time catching up with relatives. I much rather take in everything I possibly can when on holiday.”

The Fussy Eater

There’s always a tourist at the next table who will shift restlessly in his seat because although the menu is full there is something he won’t eat!

He disdains the broccoli, refuses to touch the beets, and thinks the spaghetti is too sticky or seems to have a problem with the meat!

“My best friend is a pure vegetarian and his job involves a lot of travelling. He only trusts his instant upma and puliyogare mixes from India and now has a pressure cooker in each of the guest houses he stays at when he’s in London and the U.S.,” quips Aditya Rao, an insurance agent.