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Traditional flavours

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Eating Out Benjarong’s seafood platter is prepared with traditional Thai ingredients

Fresh from the watersAn amazing spread
Fresh from the watersAn amazing spread

Perhaps, you would think that Thai cuisine needs no introduction; that you already know that the cuisine is dominated by lemon grass flavours and tangy spices.

The Benjarong Seafood Festival, however, will prove you wrong. True, there are items that contain a liberal dash of lemon grass and coconut paste, but there also are several other preparations made of herbs with minimum spices. Each of the items in the menu has been prepared using traditional Thai ingredients and fresh sea food.

The soothing ambience at Benjarong instantly relaxes you. Benjarong’s annual Seafood Festival is quite well known among Bangaloreans. So it comes as no surprise to see a constant stream of customers.

We are served a most unexpected appetiser Mian khum, a traditional Thai welcome appetiser in which roasted coconut, slices of lime, ginger, onion, chilly and peanuts with a sweet sauce are wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves. The preparation is a burst of flavours from sweet, sour to minty.

We are next served Pla Hor Baitey, which is marinated fish wrapped in Pandanus leaves. The fish melts in your mouth, leaving you wanting more.

Crab cakes served with plum sauce, known in Thai as Tod Mun Poo, are the next item to be brought in. The fried crab cakes are wonderfully non-oily and taste even better when dipped in the sweet and slightly chilly plum sauce. The Tom Kati Poo soup, a combination of coconut cream soup, fried ginger and lemon grass with crab meat, is served in young coconut shell, which enhances the flavour of the soup.

The main course is Khao Phad Poo, Thai crab meat fried rice, with Pla Kapong Daeng Phad Keemo, whole red snapper topped with hot basil leaves and eggplants. The dish, neither too spicy nor oily, tastes good. Even though we are served a number of items, the meal doesn’t leave us feeling uncomfortably full.

Benjarong’s Sea Food Festival is on till October 7. Benjarong is located at 21/1, Ulsoor Road, Ulsoor. For reservations call 3221 7201.





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