Fashion Meera and Rohit are trying to keep Indian craftsmanship alive

Tradition is something which never goes out of fashion.

A fashion house established by designers Meera and Rohit offers ethnic Indian attire, accessories and jewellery.

Each piece speaks about India’s rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship. Rohit says, “Western outfits have their own place but nothing can come in the place of traditional outfits.”

“When it comes to showcasing class and femininity, women still flaunt their traditional jewellery. Everything we use is pure and things that are very close to nature. We don’t have anything made of synthetic or mixed fibres,” claims Meera adding that tradition is something that she has in her veins.

Designers infuse life into dying arts and tradition of the country and Rivaayat is working towards it. Meera and Rohit weave embroideries from different regions in their creations.

Some of them beam with bagh phulkari, some have shimmering mirror work and others have gota patti and the sophisticated zari work.

They showcased their work at Lakme Fashion Week this year. Their collection was named as ‘Mehr-un-Nisa’, another name of Mughal Empress Noorjehan. “Our creations are not restricted to only one section of people. It is affordable for anybody who has an eye and respect for traditional things,” maintains Meera.

“When it comes to jewellery, we have pure silver based jewels wrapped in a pure gold foil. The common jhumka in gold can cost you around 3-4 lakhs, but we have it in around Rs.25,0000,” says Rohit.

While discussing their plans, the Rohit and Meera say besides participating in fashion weeks they are looking forward to add interior designing to the business.