PEOPLE Trends and trendsetters making headlines... will 2011 be as eventful as 2010?

I t was a tumultuous 2010 with quite a few trends set and the trendsetters grabbing eyeballs because of the hype surrounding them. Whether it was vampire literature or Justin Bieber's hairstyle, there were some trends that were overrated and which most youngsters preferred to ignore.

Making news

It was not just the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who managed to stay in the news — every activity on that social networking site was monitored and followed. “No matter what happened on the site, it was considered news,” observes Anchal Soni, a college student.

He continues…“People started creating online communities at the drop of a hat. There were online communities cheering FarmVille fans and a few against them. Online campaigns were launched to support social causes but none followed them up once they became members.”

Celebrities and prominent personalities vied for attention on microblogging sites. In fact, such sites became the mouthpiece for many.

“I was tired of celebrities bickering in public and of film stars telling the world how they spent their evening,” says Ankan C., an engineering student. “Though the trend is here to stay, I feel social networking can be used more effectively rather than to discuss trivial issues.”

Priti Kaur, a customer service executive, says she looks forward to less of Lady Gaga's shocking fashion statements and more of her music in the New Year.

“It was quite funny,” she says, “to see how two Bollywood item numbers became an issue of national debate, and also the fact that India all of a sudden became the chosen destination for celebrity weddings. After Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Angelina Jolie's announcement to get married in India is much talked about.”

Potter patter

Apart from the continuing popularity of Harry Potter, fantasy literature reached new heights. Books, television serials and movies were invaded by lycans, vampires and werewolves.

Paroma Ray, a school student, feels, “The reason ‘Harry Potter' or ‘Lord of the Rings' has attained cult status is because the ideas were not replicated in different stories on the same concept. ‘Twilight' started a new genre, and now there's too much of the same thing everywhere.”

The buzz was not limited to popular culture. The news about the Commonwealth Games or the predicament of the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange also drew attention.


It was quite funny to see two Bollywood item numbers becoming an issue of national debate