TREND To stand out in a crowd, Vizagites are adding a personal touch to their cars by doing up the interiors with added accessories, writes Jaideep Deo Bhanj

It was the late night show of the day; the movie Fast and Furious 6 that released in the city. After an action packed movie, which delivered on the wow factor, people made their way to the basement parking of the theatre. Within a few minutes engines were roaring and the parking erupted to the sound of people revving their engines, smoking their wheels and screeching their brakes on the sharp turns on their way out. After watching the movie, the drivers had obviously decided to be a little reckless themselves. Heading back home, cars overtook from the left, honked continuously and played loud techno music. Two youngsters in a sports car also joined in reaching high speeds in just a few seconds with their engines purring. The potholed-laden, massive speed breaker dotted roads of Vizag notwithstanding, car owners here are obviously a proud and competitive lot and eager to add pizzazz to their vehicles.

Modifying engines like Dom and his crew in the movie is not legal and costs a bomb in the country but also thanks to our battered roads driving cars with a low suspension is almost impossible. But the desire to own a car or a bike that stands out from the rest is very much a part of the youth culture in the city.

Sanjay Aggarwal of AndhraAx says that when people purchase cars they put aside a minimum of Rs.30-40 thousand to do up their cars. From car perfumes, floor mats, religious symbols and cell phone holders to fancy headlamps, LED lights, spoilers and skirting, there are a number of options.

A lot of people go in for leather or faux leather upholstery that completely changes the look of the car. Plush leather interiors in a number of colours are available with hand stitched seams. It brings out the designer in you to match an interior that suits the colour of the exterior. It is almost like getting your room painted and choosing light fittings to create the perfect mood.

Many people are going in for cheaper variants of a car and spending the money saved to personally do up the interiors. Those who are chauffer driven and travel long distances are getting screens attached at the back of the headrest so that they can entertain themselves during the long drive home. All you need is to put TV shows or songs into a hard disk and play it through the car audio system. GPS navigators are also popular among the adventurous type and those who are not familiar with the roads. The navigator even gives you information like places to shop, eat, the nearest hospital and can guide you to various points in the city.

Kamraj of Carzee says there is a huge demand for high quality sound systems for the car with people willing to spend in lakhs to have the perfect audio setup.

There is not much you can do to change the performance of the engine but by changing the air filters and adding a muffler you can get your car to perform a little better. Reverse cameras are also very popular with new car buyers who have installed music systems with LCD displays. They are quite effective when parking in a tricky spot.

Car spa

Car spas which help keep your car looking good are also a craze. Spas not only wash and clean your car but use liquid wax to keep it shining. You can even get the car Teflon coated to prevent scratches and keep your car looking new. After a few hours at a car spa the car even smells new.

So, if you are bored of your old car and do not want to invest in a new model then visit an accessories showroom and give your car an entirely new look.