BOOK A new book on the travel business has something for every stakeholder

“Tourism in India — An Economic Activity” was recently launched by Anil K. Bhandari, chairman of AB Smart Concepts, a consulting company for hotels.. The book has been published by Har Anand.

“Many books have been written on tourism but not as wide ranging as this one,” claims Bhandari, the author. “The objective behind writing the book was to share the knowledge and experience gained in 47 years of working with tourism and hotel industry,” Bhandari added.

The book is an attempt to provide details about all aspects of tourism which can help students, planners, research scholars, stakeholders and most importantly tourists.

He shared with the audience tourism statistics which showed that in 2011, the overall contribution of world tourism to the economy was US$ 6.3 trillion which represented 9 per cent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. He emphasised that around 255 million jobs in the world are directly or indirectly dependent on tourism.

The book shares details about tourism planning, infrastructure and financial allocations from the Planning Commission.

It also shows how these funds are utilised. There are also insights into state tourism development corporations, the most visited States, guidelines for the tourists, tourism education institutes in India and details of tourism service providers.