Female puppies and their rescuers have reason to rejoice – this weekend, Bangalore-based NGO Let's Live Together is holding a celebration of their 2012 calendar launch. The calendar this year is dedicated to female puppies that are in need of homes, and hopes to change the mindset that stops people from adopting them.

Female dogs are as loyal, affectionate and healthy as their male counterparts and once they are spayed, they cannot litter and are freed of their reproductive cycle.

Birth control for females also has health benefits: it reduces their risk of uterine and mammary gland cancer. A spayed female dog is therefore no different from her male siblings.

Shauna Derrickson, an American teacher who relocated to India recently, adopted a female street puppy. “My four-year-old daughter has named her Roxy Rainbow,” she laughs.

“Roxy will be spayed when she's old enough. I wouldn't think of breeding her.” Shauna echoes the sentiments of animal protection groups around the world who feel that adopting a female pup and spaying her at the right age is also a great way to bring down the overpopulation of dogs where this is the case.

“Life is a lot more interesting and exciting with a puppy. And it feels good to know that you've given a home to a little one who would've been on the street otherwise,” she says.

The launch of the Let's Live Together 2012 calendar will take place at Mocha, Lavelle Road at 6.30 p.m. on Saturday, November 12.

The glossy calendar features spectacular close-up shots of gorgeous rescued puppies. A special launch pack (available only during the launch event) includes a copy of the 2012 calendar, a puppy badge, a bookmark and a car sticker. Free welcome drinks will be served. All proceeds from sale of merchandise will be used to pay for vaccination and re-homing of street puppies.

For passes to the launch, visit Mocha, Lavelle Road, Mocha Koramangala or Chaipatty, Indranagar, Paws Pet Store (8041317297), or email letslivetogether.in@gmail.com for details.