To the rescue!

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SAFE TOO! Country dogs can be quite handy
SAFE TOO! Country dogs can be quite handy

Care for the dogs in your neighbourhood

It was a quiet and peaceful morning at Lakshmipuram village in Chittoor district. Puppy, a black country dog, loyal and loving was guarding the house of her owners. The adults' of the family had gone to work at their farm some two kilometres away. The children had gone to school. Only the elderly grandfather lay sleeping in one of the inner rooms. Puppy sat guard, alert and attentive. All of a sudden the roof of the house and outer walls came crashing down, caving into the inner rooms. Puppy barked frantically trying to reach the grandfather but the rubble made it impossible for her to get in. The front of the house stood as if nothing had happened and so passers-by had no idea what she was barking about. Puppy ran at top speed, two away, to where the family members worked. She barked her head off and pulled at their clothes till they had no choice but to follow her. Reaching the house they found their home in rubble and the debris blocking the entrance. In all urgency the family called the rest of the villagers for help. After an hour or so they were able to uncover the grandfather and rushed him to hospital. Puppy made news in the local newspapers the next day and the family members were very proud and grateful for her presence of mind and devotion. When Blue Cross of Nagari, an animal welfare group in the neighbouring town read the news, they took for Puppy a certificate of appreciation and a few large bags of pet food as a reward. They offered to care for her but the family members now realising her worth refused to let her go and promised to look after her well till her end. If you have a country dog outside your gate, do feed and care for her because one day she just might save your life like puppy did!AMALA AKKINENI




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