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SOUND OFF! Jayanthi Sridhar ponders on why we are all time-obsessed when we know we have absolutely no control over it

As I sat down on New Year’s eve to reminisce the year that had gone by, I just couldn’t help wondering over this wonderful aspect of our lives — the concept of time. Much has been written about time, a tangible yet mysterious element in our lives. I often wonder how much time God had as he envisaged each piece in his gigantic creation of the universe.

Every piece in this jigsaw puzzle is unique but seems to fit in perfectly.

From the beginning of our schooling, we are taught (time and again) that time can be delineated into present, past and future. You cannot undo the past, you do not know the future so make use of the present well, to have a good future, is what thinkers judiciously advise you.

Yet, try as I might, I am able to distinctly recollect only the important events with a few mundane ones in the many years of my life. This might probably add up to 120 or 200 days’ events in my travelogue of life. Photographs prove an aid to my strained memory cells in corroborating some events. But then, as the mind tries to visualise life’s journey, a myriad patterns and images, each with its own tale to tell, seem to form. Isn’t it strange then how we cling on to this elusive concept of time?

No human being can probably narrate each and every incident of his life vividly. And the future is certainly unknown, a deliberate handiwork of a supreme being. We, the entire human race must work towards enhancing the beauty of His work rather than indulge in mindless violence. Will we rise up to His expectations ever? Only time will tell.

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