Time for new beginnings

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FUN 'N' FROLIC To usher in the new year Photo: K.R. Deepak
FUN 'N' FROLIC To usher in the new year Photo: K.R. Deepak

T here's something about New Year that inspires us to think anew- at least for the initial 24 hours! That's why resolutions are taken at the stroke of midnight by well-intentioned individuals. But whether they are followed or dumped is the question.

How popular are New Year resolutions with the college crowd?

“Most people stay off resolutions nowadays or believe taking them is lame,” asserts Madhumitha Sivasamy, an engineering student.

. “We used to take resolutions seriously during school days. It was considered cool to make resolutions then. But once you enter college, the idea lacks lustre and is mocked as child's play by peers.”


While most of the college crowd is nonchalant towards resolutions having traversed the ‘been there- done that' route or in this case ‘taken and broken' route, there are elusive few who continue to take resolutions and religiously attempt to follow them.

“I agree there are not many who take resolutions today, but the ones who do, take it seriously!” defends Asma Afreen, a second year student who has resolved to ‘let go of prejudices, break the routine, get out of my comfort zone and start experimenting with life'.

“I started off by getting a new hair style. Next, I'm going to paint my wall a vibrant colour!” she shares.

While the dilemma to make or not to make resolutions rages within young people before the year begins, there are many who believe they are made to be broken.

“I believe you'll find every 10 {+t} {+h} person sticking to theresolutions. Perhaps that's because most of them deal with quitting something we like or dislike,” reflects Monica, Post-Graduate student.

All about fun

A reason why novelty is the operative word for youth like Sriram, a fresher who has resolved not to ‘contract any new obsessive compulsive disorders' or Aparna Chenniappan whose list reads, ‘ more shopping, more movies, more fun'. Says the medical student: “I am in the IInd Year and so a bit relaxed. I just want to enjoy things I love most. Why should resolutions be all about ‘no's ?”

Still, it is universally acknowledged that most New Year resolutions die an early death, at times even before they take off. “I resolved to do yoga everyday,” says Ramya Sundar, a French Post-Graduate student. “But I've already skipped few days”, she grins. You may believe that the urge to resolve stems from an attempt to change or to start afresh. But as an old maxim goes, “Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.”

Management student Akshaya Durai comes up with the best one: , “I have been making the same resolution since 2007 and have stuck to it for three years. It is about not to make a resolution ever again!”




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