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TIDY SPACE Keep the water clean
TIDY SPACE Keep the water clean

Learn to change the water in the aquarium

The basic test that most aquarists flunk is that of keeping the aquarium clean enough for their fishes: either it is too clean or too dirty.Too clean would be like living in a sterile environment with the smell of chlorine, and too dirty with the fish poop and the organic waste of dying plants and it would be like living in a sewer. Either way it is sad choice for the fishes. One has to master the art of changing water in the aquarium in a way that the water is clean yet not too clean. We don't like to be uprooted from our surrounding and placed in a new one at the flick of a finger. Fishes too don't like that to happen to them. The trick is don't drain off all the water; leave 20 per cent of it in the aquarium so that the environment of the fish doesn't change too drastically. Use a siphon, keep it at one-fifth the height, swirl the water so that organic waste floats, wipe the glass with a piece of old, clean cloth (anything fancy leaves scratches) and drain the water into your lawn. Fill the tank with fresh water from a borewell or tap, keeping the air filter working continuously. Watch your fish frolic happily.SERISH NANISETTI




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