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LAUNCH At the newly-opened Pinkberry outlet in Phoenix Market City, yogurt undergoes a transformation with several flavours and toppings that tease the taste buds

It’s like yogurt undergoing an intense makeover. Of course, we are used to the flavoured varieties but this one insists it’s more couture than off the rack. That’s perhaps why numerous Hollywood divas such as Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale often grab a cup of this guilt-free dessert that we are told is made of non-fat milk.  But it isn’t necessarily for the small-waisted, Kate Spade-sporting, granola-eating, dumbbell-lifting, champagne-sipping clientele but for anybody who loves it and wants to sample the various concoctions it can be blended into.

The city’s first Pinkberry is a cheerfully green-painted (surprisingly not pink) outlet at the Phoenix Market City. We look like symbologists trying to decode an anagram as we plaster ourselves against the counter trying to figure out the menu.

Options galore

It’s a little disappointing compared to what Pinkberry’s posh American and European counterparts have to offer. An original frozen yogurt, a green apple yogurt, chikoo-dates lassi and chocolate-banana shake are what we opt for. There is the option of accessorising the pretty yogurt with interesting toppings…brownies, pomegranate, grapes, chikoo, dry fruits and hold your breath…sev and papdi for their dhokla, khatta meetha and desi-flavoured varieties. Wonder if that tastes like dahi puri. Then there are the deluxe toppings — chocolate-coated candy, gummy bears and Nutella... a serving of each priced at Rs. 25.

The white, swirly original yogurt is refreshingly tart; the deluxe toppings really help lift the taste. In addition, we throw in bits of sweet lime, grapes and red velvet. The chunks of red velvet are hard and seem far from fresh. The tiny bits of brownie, dotting the green apple yogurt, are just as stale. One spoon of it and our face contorts. We are all right with the fruity tang that most yogurts offer but this one is excessively sour. Now we figure what the couple at the other table meant when they said, “It’s like they forgot to refrigerate it and it went bad.” We are hopeful about the chikoo and date lassi, not something people usually go wrong with. A thick drink with tiny bits of chikoo and dates, it tastes great. The chocolate-banana shake that contains chocolate yogurt isn’t despicable but it isn’t entirely lovable either. It’s just like mashed banana in a glass of liquid-y chocolate.

What really hurt is the bill... a little above Rs. 700. Considering we are undoubtedly the city of buttermilk and nobody really does it better than us, the Pinkberry outlet here needs to get its formula right to beat that inexpensive, good old glass of more .

Pinkberry is located at Phoenix Market City, Upper Ground Floor. For details, call 8148621008.





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