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Chat Shekkhar Suri talks about his love for all things spooky, creepy and scary

Director’s cutShekkhar Suri
Director’s cutShekkhar Suri

Although Shekkhar made Adrushtam with Tarun and Reema Sen in 2002, he truly established himself with A film by Aravind which came out in 2010, bringing the slasher/gory genre to the industry. But three years down the line, he is surprised and happy that he decided to make a sequel — Aravind 2 , a film that according to Shekkhar was never on the cards. “I was initially reluctant to make a sequel, I thought I shouldn’t disturb the image of the film, but producer Vijay Chowdhary approached me and I thought why not?” says Shekkhar who then thought of the story en route to Vijaywada last year. “I had a month to work on the script. The producer loved it and before I knew it I was making Aravind 2 ,” he smiles. But Aravind 2 doesn’t go by the exact definition of a sequel but it follows the general pattern of killings by a psycho. Te director establishes the killer in the beginning and showcases a game of hide-and-seek.

Shekkhar Suri’s Three dealt with the topics like regression and incarnation, which worked around the psychology of a different kind. So why an interest in this genre? “I am a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan and I find that you can connect better with audience in a different way with thrillers. People mistake it for horror but what I have made so far are psychological thrillers. I haven’t made horror films yet, but I hope to in the near future,” says Shekkhar. At a time when filmmakers claim that they make films to suit the tastebuds of the audience, Shekkhar wants to make the kind of films which first excite him. “I don’t plan a movie keeping a target audience in mind. In fact I don’t understand the concept of a target audience. People will watch what is good,” he says. Shekkhar however is sure of one thing, that he would like to explore the genre of psychological thrillers to its fullest, “there is not enough work happening in this,” he says. Shekkhar Suri’s Aravind 2 , met with a lukewarm response at the box-office; with his previous films, it is clear that the auteur has a thing for the creepy and gory.





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