Thoughts of black and gold

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Abstract forms Srikant Dunde
Abstract forms Srikant Dunde

Srikant Dhunde extends his thought process to the canvas

Lines are Srikant Dhunde’s biggest influence. And the influence clearly reflects in his work, titled ‘Abstract Admi’. Srikant Dhunde’s acrylic on canvas collection is on display at Gallery Hasta. As his work mostly represents his mind and thought process, it doesn’t resemble any particular form.

“Abstract painting, is a combination of line, colour, texture and other elements of visual language that come together to make an expression. Most of our experiences are abstract, when we look towards an object the line of focus is abstract. Though I have represented abstract work, every painting of mine has definite lines. These are my lines of thought,” explains Srikant.

Srikant mostly works with Black and white. While white represents one’s daytime thought process, the colour black signifies the mind at night.

Srikant takes around two years to complete some of his bigger works. Srikant did his BFA from in Ceramics from JJ school of art in Mumbai and has several awards to his merit.

To give his works a unique touch Srikant uses any thing that’s handy — from a comb, ruler, geometry box and its instruments and threads — to give the finishing touches. “I like using these as they form a definite shape and line to my abstract work. In my piece where I have used gold on black, the use of a ruler is very obvious. Some may find forms in these lines or read the paintings as they feel it,” explains Srikant.

And in places where he has put down his refined thought in canvas he used a comb. “The reason I attach so much importance to thread is because, threads are made of cotton and cotton was equal to gold during the old times in India,” he reasons.

Also the artist’s approach towards the picture surface is impulsive, unpredictable and yet spontaneous. His strokes are very bold and rapid and yet relate to emotions, experiences and all aspects of life.

“I also look at my black and gold painting as the way we deal with life. While the golden strokes and lines exemplify the positive streak in life, black summarises the dark side or negative flavours,” he says.

Srikantalso worked with Simi Garewal on the serial India’s Rajiv. “I had prepared a number of paintings to be gifted to the young leader, but he met with the unfortunate tragedy and I could never do that,” says Srikant.

What: ‘Abstract Admi’

Where: Gallery Hasta, road no. 11, Jubilee Hills

When: Till March 6


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