Those little things

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PERFECT MOMENTS Ensure there are more of them
PERFECT MOMENTS Ensure there are more of them

Why is it some women take possessiveness to great heights and end up playing a blame game?

Why is it that women do those little things that they do? And before those minds wander off into sweet memories of princesses who make you feel loved and embarrassed at the same time, I'm talking about the little things that have no logical reason. Those things which irritate you no end simply because you can't understand them and end up raising your voice in protest because you see no other way to get your point through. But somehow, you always end up feeling like the bad guy. Why does this happen? Because after you end the battle to understand what occurred, you find that moment has gone and she's back to being completely normal, while there you are huffing and trying to make sense of what you just went through. Now I know I'm making enemies of the opposite sex. But this article is written in desperation and not out of irritation. This article is for all you women who think they can give me a proper explanation rather than the usual one which mostly circulates around about how primitive we men are and how we don't deserve to have a life simply because we can't understand that you are greater beings and need to be treated better. So if you could, here's what I want to know. Why is it that you take possessiveness to such great heights that sometimes you blame us for things we haven't actually done? Why is it that the information you get from a girl friend is always more creditable than what we say? And finally, why is it that any information is enough sometimes to start an interrogation so intense even the CBI couldn't do better? There are actually a lot more questions, but they are the most daunting as far as I'm concerned. Now for the men. Some of them are real slime bags, and have given you the reason to put them in the above situation. But what about the faithful lot who really love you. Why them? Is it a test? Or is it simply because a lot of women like to be fully informed all the time? This time, the article doesn't suggest ways to improve romance. Only questions that would lead to (if the answers are logical which I'm doubtful about) another article that actually will better those little things that sometimes ruin perfect moments. Send in your queries to




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