Indian Ensemble introduces its college and Arts Institute partnership Program

Indian Ensemble, a multilingual Indian theatre company based out of Bangalore, introduces an initiative from this year, through which they are looking to partner with Art Institutions that have students and educational institutions to give complimentary student passes for their performances.

On all shows of Abhishek Majumdar’s Gasha , which will be staged on January 7, 8 and 9 at Ranga Shankara, there will be100 tickets per day only for students.

The Institutions can write to them to partner, and then send them a list of the students who would want to come and watch the play and they will do the needful. The only thing expected for the students is to write a critique of the play within a week of watching it. Indian Ensemble is opening this programme, starting January 7, and will continue it for all their performances in Bangalore here on.

Partner institutions will get preference for student passes. You can write to and

They can write to us on and