Event Two evenings of storytelling, music and theatre for children


I n July last year, theatre Y started 'funtY-6' – a six-month weekend-training in theatre and activity programs for children between seven and 15. This now culminates in a show titled 'funtYpuri – a chatpata churmur' for children, on January 22 and 23, 6.30 p.m., at the Russian Cultural Center auditorium. There will be storytelling sessions, sing-alongs, interviews and more at the event.

The children were introduced to and trained in acting, storytelling, creative writing, stories and poetry and puppetry during the workshop. The activities and training were taught through exercises which were a combination of ‘on the spot' activities and home work. 

theatre Y promises there will be interesting insights from children about various issues concerning their world.

Tickets will be available at the venue. For booking and details, call 98840 70796 / 97.