LifestyleKamlesh Jain is creating an exclusive world for status freaks in the soon-to-come Ripples mall on

Mahatma Gandhi Road

Luxury is the new essential for a growing class of Indians, and retailers are reaping the bounty. Kamlesh Jain is one astute trader who knows how to make hay while the sun shines.

Cashing in on the city dwellers' passion for luxury products, the man conceived Ultimate—The Luxury Shoppe, bringing under one roof a spectacular collection of exclusive high-end products.

For many people, shopping is a recreational activity rather than a means of getting together what they need. People plan trips around shopping areas. Take a look at the size of the crowds that spend time in city malls, their gaze sifting through shelves piled high with stylish goods. Consumers have ever-higher expectations and do not mind throwing money around to bring home an article that has captured their fancy.

Confident that the obsessions of an emerging class of ‘status freaks' will support a business he intends to thrive in, Kamlesh has created an exclusive aura around his studio located in Brindavan Colony behind Chandana Grand showroom on Mahatma Gandhi Road. The moment you set your foot in the studio, you are hooked. Those fascinated with the ‘high life' will find it difficult to walk out empty handed.

Kamlesh has carted in sophisticated and enchanting products from across the world in a single room. The collection contains antique art, gramophones, wall clocks, crockery, cutlery, crystal ware, hand-made flower vases, photo frames, fruit baskets, perfumes and much more. International brands like Zojirushi from Japan, Pasabahce from Turkey, Nachtmann patterns from Germany and Monna, Chineli and Momentz from Italy jostle for a place on the mantelpiece.

“I keep my eyes and ears open to keep abreast of the changing tastes of the high and mighty across the world,” he says. “The biggest challenge in this business is coping with a much shorter product lifespan. What used to be a six-month turnaround is now six weeks.”

Will he find takers for such high-end products? “It's all about passion. Now look at this pen,” he says and pulls out an exquisite, platinum-plated, jet black pen from Montblanc. “It costs Rs. 68,000,” he declares. He then points to the dazzling Swarovsky crockery set worth Rs. 2.76 lakh and says emphatically, “It'll have a ‘sold' tag within no time once I place it for sale.”

He opened the studio to promote his collection. “What you see here is only 25 per cent of the collection,” he says. Shoppers will see the entire range of nearly 1600 products once he opens the couple of stores he has booked in the soon-to-come Ripples mall, promoted by the PVR Group opposite Tipsy Topsy showroom on Bandar Road. “It may take another two months,” he says.

Kamlesh is excited about the way things are going. “I have always been fond of collecting unique articles. I am sure there must be many others like me in this city. I want to be the source of a luxury lifestyle for those seeking a good life.”