Tech-A-Break will be from February 15 to 21

Over the years, Tech-A-Break has become the most awaited event for techies in Technopark. The fete doesn't limit itself to dance and music. A lot more happens at Technopark. Dressed up as creepy ghouls and monsters, IT professionals started off last year's Tech-A-Break with a Halloween theme rally. Games such as Baby's Day Out and Scavenger Hunt added to the fun. It also included a campaign called ‘Save Planet Earth' to highlight environmental issues. “In our techie lives, where all a leap year means is a few extra lines of codes, exhausting working hours and technical jargon, Tech-A-Break is a welcome relief,” says Arun Murali Manush, an employee of Digital Brand Group.

Sneek peak

This year's Tech-A-Break, scheduled from February 15 to 21, plans to use polka dots and masquerades as the theme for the inaugural rally. A DJ event will have the techies hitting the dance floor while quizzer and celebrity compere Charu Sharma, who has been a part of the Tech-A-Break Quiz since the start, will have the participants racking their brains with yet another challenging quiz this time round. In ‘Lights camera action,' another event, each participant would be given five minutes to tickle the funny bone by dubbing a film scene. A new debate game called ‘Slumdog millionaire vs millionaire slumdog' will also be held. Two celebrity cricketers will accompany Technopark's best bowlers and batsmen in a fun 20-20 cricket match. “This will be my first Tech-A-Break experience as an official techie. Looking forward to the 20-20 tournament!” says Srijith V., an employee of Q Burst.

Undoubtedly, the fashion expo, consisting of three rounds – a freestyle round, a traditional round and a distinct round, wherein participants have to employ recyclable materials for costumes – would be one of the crowd pullers.

One month to go, yet Sugeetha Menon, the programme convener, is busier than a bee, pulling all the strings to make sure that this year's Tech-A-Break exceeds all expectations. Nest, last year's champions, will be hoping for a consecutive triumph but other companies are sure to give them a run for their money!