The summer flower

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BEAUTIFUL Dendrobium is grown as a houseplant
BEAUTIFUL Dendrobium is grown as a houseplant

Dendrobium flowers in summer and lasts for weeks

Dendrobium belongs to the family orchidaceae. Grown as houseplants, they are epileptic orchids from India, China, Japan and Australia, the Philippines. Genus of very many species of varied size, shape and colour. Each with tall stem-like, noded pseudobulbs, green, yellowish-green or reddish green, about 6-13 in height, bearing several dark green, leathery leaves about 6 inches long and 1 inch wide and eppiliptic.

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Flowers spread fragrance and appear in cluster of about 10-12. They are 4 inches across and with deep yellow marking in the throat in white, pink, mauve, maroon and purple. Petals and sepals are usually similar in shape and the prominent lip is often strongly coloured. Dendrobium flowers in summer and lasts for weeks. They are grown in pots, hanging baskets and on trees, always in well-lit airy, cool place. Spray them daily.Name from Gerek `Dendron' tree and bios, life referring to its epiphytic habit. During the active growth period, from the time flower buds start to appear water the plants moderately. Apply fertilizer with every fourth watering.Cut away and discard the dead pseudo bulbs. Cut the rhizome into segments and grow them in small pots filled with moss and drainage material and sand.Dendrobium `nobile' and its hybrids are the best known of the Dendrolum.CHITRA RADHAKRISHNAN




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