TV This new series presents unusual human conditions and syndromes

Discovery Channel’s new series is titled “Body Bizarre”. The series takes the viewer across globe in search of extraordinary individuals living with some of the planet’s most mysterious, unusual and thought-provoking medical anomalies that have even puzzled the world’s best doctors and experts, say the makers.

Around the world

From India to Indonesia, China to Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, the United Kingdom, Texas and more, the series will uncover the real human stories behind the headlines and brings to light what life is genuinely like for these remarkable people whose lives have been afflicted by physically and emotionally horrifying syndromes.

It will be telecast in a six-part special series from May 13 at 10 p.m. and will be aired Monday to Friday.

Crime buster

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With one of Red Jon’s accomplices in custody, the hunt for the elusive serial killer escalates in season five. Jane now senses that Red John is closer than ever and he may, in fact, be someone on the CBI’s radar.

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