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Steps to communication

Makeover Meter Babita Narayanan
Makeover Meter Babita Narayanan

C ommunication is just the by-product of our internal self. The more confident, balanced and strong you are internally, the more effective and perfect would all your external skills be.

The modified process

In the traditional process of communication, couple of significant and relevant elements are missing. So the modified process is as follows: Sender-Thoughts-Encode




So the sender has to encode the thoughts, put them in a message form, choose one or more mediums, which will then be transmitted to the receiver who has to encode them before giving the feedback.


Our thoughts are primarily a combination of knowledge, information and awareness. Awareness is like having a superficial idea about something. If there is a deeper discussion, you would not be able to contribute much. But if you are an excellent listener and know the strategies of communication, you could just about pull it off, but not if it is something important or decisive.

Information is knowing a little more. Again, if questions are asked, you are lost.

Knowledge is where you have almost complete information about something. You can start, lead, steer and manipulate the discussion in addition to convincingly handle all questions or queries.

Confidence level

What about the confidence level with these levels of knowing?

With awareness the confidence level is low, with information it is medium, with knowledge it is high. The more you know, the more you can communicate both effectively and confidently.

Step 1

So, inevitably, step one is to arm yourself with considerable knowledge, sufficient information and loads of awareness. Once you have the awareness it is very easy and simple to build up the other two.

Areas where we need these: domain – which could be your job, business, interest, subject; general – current affairs, geography, sports, politics, finance, world news; purpose – the job, position, business venture, higher studies you maybe wanting.

To start with, find out your level in knowledge, information and awareness.

Now determine how far you want to reach in life and how fast. The ideal level is: knowledge, information and awareness in domain should be high because that is your core competency and strength; knowledge and information is general can be medium but awareness should definitely be high; knowledge can be medium in your purpose but information and awareness should be high.

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