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Homoeo Call Keep the stress away before it has an impact on your health

Ouch that painSitting in front of the computer for hours in an awkward posture can cause neck pain.Photo: S. Abishek
Ouch that painSitting in front of the computer for hours in an awkward posture can cause neck pain.Photo: S. Abishek

In the fast paced world of today where competition rules the roost and an individual is under all kinds of stress to achieve and succeed, there are situations when these demands could have a significant impact on the health. By far the commonest of problems of today where people seek consultation at the physician’s office is due to aches and pains. Whether it is the drive or the wait to reach the office or being in a chair laden for hours with either the telephone or laptop hooking the individual to the seat and a pain in nape of the neck, back and lower limbs is the usual casualty. The unnatural movements of the neck and stress on the upper limbs while jabbing away at the computer for hours with a strained posture are always the cause for the neck pain and conditions like cervical spondylosis. Being hooked to the seat causes one to disturb the natural curvature of the spine and over a period of time causes a pain in the lower back and causes conditions like lumbago and worse still with a radiating pain down into the lower limbs in the form of sciatica. The remedy for such a situation would be to move around every hour and trying to take a call on the move (not driving though) and allow the limbs to get enough circulation. Also a minor workout as stretching for a few minutes everyday would help. Trying to stand upright and avoiding awkward postures will help the spine.

The office stress is one of the primary reasons for people today to suffer with sleeplessness, anxiety, fear and depression that in turn comes in the way of performing their job effectively. Most of the stress has been researched to be due to an individual’s perception of the situations and the feelings may actually be unfounded. It has always been found that improving communication at the workplace has contributed in relieving a lot of unwarranted stress and misunderstandings.

Remedies like Cimcifuga, Mag phos, Sang can, Guiacum, Hypericum, Rhus tox etc. have been known to help significantly in clearing the spasms and pain that have been impacted by the postures and inactivity of the body day to day. Also remedies like Arg nit, Lachesis, Ars alb, Hyoscyamus, Natrum mur and Staphysagria etc. help relieving mental stress.


Chronic ear infection

I have been suffering with oozing of pus from the right ear and have undergone surgery but with relief only for some time.

A chronic infection of the ear can cause oozing of pus sometimes a bloody discharge with pain due to the disturbance of the middle ear and also the tympanic membrane. Hepar sulph, Silicea fights the infection and remedies like Pulsatilla and Psorinum sees that the infection does not recur.




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