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A whiff of Hollywood Ali Larter
A whiff of Hollywood Ali Larter

Ali Larter on her filmy experiences in India

Hollywood actress Ali Larter plays the title role in Willard Caroll’s “Marigold”. The film is about an actress who finds herself stranded in Mumbai and gets a small role in a Bollywood film. During the shooting, Marigold falls in love with Prem, the choreographer of the film, played by Salman Khan. Here is an extract of the interview conducted through e-mail.

On the role and working in a Bollywood film

When my agent got to know that Willard is making a film, he got in touch with him.

I met Willard and we discussed the script. No, I didn’t have any reservations at all as I had seen Willard’s “Playing by Heart” and was a fan of his.

I had no idea about Bollywood films. I didn’t even know who Salman Khan was…Willard helped me understand Bollywood films. He made me watch few films of Salman and I must say I fell in love with the films.

What I love about the movies was that there are so many amazing characters and the actors allow themselves the full range of emotions.

It’s so lively and fun to watch. From the first moment I arrived, I fell in love with the country. We travelled through Mumbai, Jodhpur and Goa and it was fun going to all these places. Unfortunately, I could not see Taj Mahal.

On Hollywood vs Bollywood

We all make films passionately. The difference is in people…in India people are more emotional about everything. Since Willard is a Hollywood director, I didn’t really find any other difference in the way we shoot films.

On returning to India

Oh yes, I am desperate to come back to India, but it’s too far. I would love to do another Bollywood film…Is Willard making any other film in India? I have to see Taj Mahal also.

On Salman

As I said, I didn’t even know who Salman was. In fact let me tell you one incident how I got to know about him….I was travelling to France and had taken the script of “Marigold” with me.

Just when I got down to read the script the lady sitting next to me who was ironically an Indian started chatting with me.

I casually asked her if she knows of anyone called Salman Khan since she is an Indian. She turned out to be a very big fan of Salman Khan and went on and on how good an actor he is and has such a huge fan following in India and abroad. Only then I realised how big a star he is in India.

On learning dance

Oh, don’t ask me that… Singing and dancing was definitely the hardest part for me. I’d never sung before on screen and we only had about three days’ rehearsal to learn all the different musical numbers.

I’d had no dance training before and I’m not the most co-ordinated of girls, so that was my greatest challenge. It helped that I was playing someone who couldn’t dance to start with!

On Bollywoodish plot

It is a musical romantic film…everyone in the world can relate to emotions and especially when it is romance…

I am sure people would love the vibrant colours and energy that the film has.





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