Tv ‘Dance masters of ‘Dance India Dance' reveal all

“Dancing can reveal all, which the music conceals,” Charles Baudelaire had once mused. Truly so, it would seem when beholding the flourish and finesse reflected in the dance of some artistes, who have thankfully no pretensions about adhering to any classical forms but have by their talent, dedication and hard work improvised and performed moves which are as good, as they are popular.

This is probably the reason for the abiding popularity of Zee TV's dance reality show “Dance India Dance” (DID), whose third season has just gone on air in the weekend prime-time slot of 8.30 p.m.

The much admired mentors-cum-judges from the previous seasons, Remo D'Souza, Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis, return.

Interestingly designated as ‘matters' in the show, these three veterans worked in consultation with yesteryear superstar Mithun Chakraborty, called ‘Grand master', to select the final 18 from the 100 participants.

Countering criticism that these dances are stunts, Remo could not help protesting, “Those dances are not stunts. In fact, they are carefully choreographed dance forms. If ever you see any extravagant moves they are just a flourish; the aesthetics of the main dance are not affected by it. So just focusing on those moves that are only meant to add a dash of style and then calling the whole dance a stunt is unjust!”

What happens to these contestants once they have finished participating? or even won such shows? Disappear into anonymity and oblivion? Geeta explains, “We as mentors take care of the grooming and performance of the participants on the show. We are not responsible for how they frame their careers later.