Chat Actor Ram talks about his latest movie ‘ Ongole Gittha’ and the forthcoming ‘Bol Bachchan’ remake

Actor Ram Pothineni’s new home in Jubilee Hills is buzzing with activity ahead of his Ongole Gittha release. If one group of men are working on putting up flexis, another group is concentrating on flood lights and some are attending to the visitors.

The actor himself is on an adjustable cast to recover from the sprain which happened while shooting for the movie. But that isn’t stopping him from moving around.

“I am up and about, doing my dubbing rounds making sure nothing stops me from completing my job for a perfect final product,” says Ram showing off his dimple.

Hours before the release of the movie, the actor says he is excited and not at all tensed. Ongole Gittha according to him is out and out, a Bomarillu Bhaskar movie with all his signature elements intact.

“It is neither a mass entertainer nor a pure family entertainer. It’s a pure entertainer and is packed with energy. The intricate details and realistic charm is to look forward to,” he assures.

And much against the common notion of choosing big budget movies, Ram says budgets don’t excite him. “When a movie is run by budget everything else is lost,” he says.

Ongole Gittha means a bull typical of Ongole origin and what has a chocolate hero like Ram with his swift dance steps has anything to represent a raging bull? The actor laughs, “In the movie I don’t represent a bull. I represent the unstoppable energy and grit of the bull.”

Ram’s excitement is visible as he begins to talk about director Bommarillu Bhaskar. He recollects how the script and the narration of the director got him going and from the time of beginning the project to ending it, everyone is high on energy.

“The music for instance. It is high on energy and I have received good reviews about it. So, it all looks good to me,” says Ram. But is the actor on his way to stereotyping himself?

“I would never want to do it. But at the same time experimenting with roles is a gamble. As actors we need to live up to the expectations of our fans and movie watchers. I remember a producer instructing the poster designers to introduce elements of violence for the crowd to accept the film. That is the kind of impact viewers have on our work and roles. And if I were not open to experimenting why would I agree to act in a multi-starrer which will be a remake of Bol Bachchan ,” he says with excitement.

The shooting of the movie is set to begin in March and Ram says he doesn’t have anytime left to rest.

“I rest when I need to—when I have to go against my wishes and likes. I don’t rest when I feel tired. That could be the reason why I haven’t taken a break and caught up with the lastest movies. That is because if I lie back and rest to watch movies back to back who will watch me and my movies,” he laughs.


As actors we need to live up to the expectations of our fans and movie watchers