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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Rahul Easwar says that his show deals with serious topics
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Rahul Easwar says that his show deals with serious topics

VJ Rahul Easwar tells Liza George that the USP of his show is philosophy

He is 24, has written three books on philosophy, published two, and teaches philosophy and `lifology.' He is also a hot and happening VJ, though he prefers to be known as an anchor. Rahul Easwar who has been anchoring, `Innathe Chinta Vishayam' for "395" days on Kiran TV, is here to stay. LimelightIt was when I released one of my books on philosophy. A producer for Kiran TV read it and suggested I host a show that dealt with serious issues with a philosophical touch. It sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot.The USP of being a VJIt is fun. You get to deal with people from different walks of life. Most people believe that a show dealing with thought-provoking topics should be boring. I believe otherwise. If you use simple day-to-day language and not high sounding words, the programme becomes viewer friendly. The USP of the show is philosophy.Live shows Live shows, like mine, are risky. Since our topics are wide and at times controversial, you have to watch what you and the audience say. There are no second or third take for this. AdmirersOnce I went to the movies with my family but there were no tickets available. Noting our plight, a person came up and insisted we take his tickets. He said he was a regular viewer of my show and enjoyed it. That was quite memorable. There was also a Class Ten boy who called in during the board examinations. When I reminded him of his examinations, he claimed that his teacher recommended my show to his class as it would help improve their language and help express their thoughts better! That was extremely flattering. Bad experienceI dislike the way people treat the women in media. Once when a woman colleague and I were travelling to work, some men made some unsavoury remarks about her. It's funny how on screen, they admire her work and are full of praise, but off screen, some men tend to criticise and gossip about the same person. Searching for words We do get pesky callers. They will go on and on and that's when we have to step in and forcefully cut them short. Then there are others who are at a loss for words and we have to help them express what they are trying to say. There was this girl who called in for Valentine's Day for the topic `Is there a thing called Love?,' she said `Love is life,' and stopped. I asked her what she meant by that and she said `Life is love.' She kept repeating these phrases and finally after lots of encouragement and suggestions, we got her to say what she really wanted to say, which was that love is important and without it there is no reason to live.A jobI don't think I will remain as an anchor for long. I plan to pursue my education abroad in either philosophy or psychology.Writer?I am a postgraduate in philosophy and have written two books. The first one is called `Philosophy of Philosophy' and the second `The Philosophy of Education.' I have finished my third, `Philosophy of Vedanta,' which deals with modern psychology, slated for release in the first week of March.




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