Follow the road to Oz for a Mediterranean treat

Oz, the West Asian and Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, has launched a new menu that takes into account Delhiites' growing taste for Continental food. With the lounge set up in the form of tent, this restaurant located at MGF Mall is tempting option after a tiring bout of shopping. Offering Lebanese and Italian cuisine, the menu has been expanded with a large variety of dishes from starters to desserts. Start off with a delicious vegetarian soup or a traditional lamb broth.

Zucchini fritters

There are salads and starters like smoked chicken salad, mezze platter, zucchini fritters for vegetarians and butterfly prawns or zatar chicken drums (chicken marinated with zatar and grilled) for non-vegetarians. The main course is loaded with various grilled dishes and platters. The Turkish lamb pilau, and grilled prawns are tasty options. The cottage cheese steak is a good vegetarian substitute for this. For a new dining experience, try out the chicken pineapple steak, which teams up well with with rice and salad. Hummus and that wonderful Mediterranean staple, pita bread, are also served as side orders. Fizzy drinks and cocktails like Tequila Sunrise, Mojito and LIIT (Long Island Ice Tea) are available besides regulars like white rum. To end on a sweet note, you could go for tiramisu, the authentic Italian dessert made of mascarpone cheese and sponge cake a coffee-flavoured delight or the Mediterranean speciality baklava, a pastry stuffed with dry nuts in a saffron flavoured syrup. But if you are in a less traditional mood, you can try the odd-sounding chocolate salami. Never fear, it is only Swiss chocolate with nuts and digestive biscuits shaped like salami! A meal for two costs approximately Rs.1000 to 1500, including drinks.